Wednesday, March 25, 2009

West trees from 3rd Peak-Skin glue

March 25/09

Toured up past 1st peak,left at 12:00am too late already warming
up.Dropped in back of 3rd peak kicked off size 1.5 slide.Ran on old bed surface.Old slab present.Heavy wind hammered slopes.
Dropped into trees,warming up.Hard to avoid snow exposure here.Skis were balling up big time.Skecthy getting back to 2nd peak
one steep slope.Dropped s slope skiers right OR chute.Some snowballing and heavy sun exposure.Need to be early to get that dry snow.

Hungry like a wolf tour-Hollyburn Peak-March 24/09

Dave Norona video


Hollyburn Peak
1 3/4 laps
early morning powder.

Blackcomb Backcountry

December skiing in March dropped into Decker Lake via skiers chute from Spearhead Pk col Toured back up to Disease ridge and dropped NW slope back to the lake.Up to Blackomb Peak and memorial ski for Beaker and Trevour Petterson.Down DOA.Hope on the lift and back up to don't swill drop NW powder run to the glacier and back up to Corona,scramble up the the ridge. Huge fracture lines everywhere, as well on Corona bowl.5000 foot day, good to be on the real terrain again.

Thursday, March 19, 2009

Hollyburn Peak x5-Chef Pants North shore pow

Drove in late.Arrived at 12:00pm.Skied with Mike and Norona and did some filming.
Epic North shore powder.I did 5 laps a total of 7300 feet.Hucking some air.One lap with
Jordan Peters.Climbed Hollyburn Peak 5 times,if you call it a Peak.Some slabbing on steeper slopes.Dropping in towards the ski hill then wrap around to the parking lot.


Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Hanes Valley-Ski out

March 16/09

Climb the steep trail on Grouse with Mike,Dave Norona then desend the Hanes Valley and hike out the to Lynn Headwaters.Dry powder in the valley on slight crust.Walk out a couple of hours not recomended.Next reascend the same and sit on the tram for download.