Thursday, June 10, 2010



Aug 24/10
Calculus Crack-4-Memorial crack-4
Chris Christie
hard to see on third pitch belay lower.

Aug 21/10
JABR 9th overall 6th elite 2:14:47
5th overall in the Hell of a series

Aug 20/10
700,000 feet of climbing

Mt.Baker(16) North ridge ski descent
Dan Helmstadter

Mt.Baker(15)Squak Glacier
NW crew

July 28/10
White Mountain-North Face

July 27/10
Glacier Peak SW face,Dissapointment Peak SE face

July 24/10
Gear Jammer XC
13th elite
21 overall dur 2:43:16

July 8-July 11/10
Four Queens Stage Race

July 1/10
9000 km for the year road and mountain bike.

BC Bike Race
June 25-July 3/10
8th overall 2 man Pro/elite

June 19/10
Test of Metal(4)
25th elite 3:00:30

June 18/10
Mt.Baker(14)Park Headwall ski descent-1st Canadian
Jason Hummel,Mike Traslin

June 12/10
Wades Epic Adventure
4th NSMB victory in a row with Mike
2 Frommes
2 Triple crowns

June 5/10
North Shore Bike Fest-16 the overall-time 2:06:53 10th elite

May 29/10
Nimby 50-14th overall-2:34:31 8th 30-39

May 18/10
Triple Crown DH

May 15/10
Orecrusher Squamish top 8 2:31:50

May 13/10
Joffre Peak(3)-Aussie Couloir(2)

May 2/10
Mt Bacheloer Rando-3rd

Apr 23/10
Spearhead Traverse-20th

Apr 22/10
2 for 1 Chute(5)

April 18/10
Wedge South Face

April 14/10
Parapet Peak(2) North Face*Possibly first/Castle Towers(3) East Face

April 12/10
Backyard Chute(11)

March 24/10
Ultramarathon-Mt.Carr(2) East Face,Mt.Davidson(1)West ridge,Castle Towers East face

March 20/10
Mt.Slalok(3) North Face

March 19/10
Mt. Macbeth(1) North Face

March 13/10
Big Mountain Battle- ist hill climb-Stevens Pass

March 6/10
Alpental Rando-1st-3rd victory 7th podium

March 4/10
First Peak speed 29.54

Feb 25/10

Feb 23/10
Decker(25)Spearhead(10)Blackcomb Peak(10)

Feb 6/10
Mt.Shuksan-North Face-Anoitment-FIRST DESCENT(1)

Feb 3/10
Joffre Peak-North Face-Joffre Couloir-Rarely skied if?

Jan 27/10
Matier(3)East Face-Rarely skied

Jan 24/10
Mt. Fitzsimmons-West to North Face

DOA x 2


Dec 27/09
Mt.Harvey SW ridge

Dec 12/09
Steep Peak and Traverse

Dec 6/09
Steep Creek Peak 2318 west Face

Dec 1/09
Trifecta Pattison(5)NW Face,Mt.Trorey(3),Decker(24) West chute

Nov 29/09
Deep Cove new bolted TR-First ascent

Nov 14/09
Completed 1 million feet of climbing in one season.

Oct 4-31/09
Rode from North Vancouver to Tijuana Mexico

Sep 23/09
Chief Rock Climb(16)Angels Crest(3)

Sep 21/09
KMT = 163

Sep 19/09
Cheakamus Challenge(6) 3rd place

Sep 13/09
Baker Hill Climb(3)10th overall
3rd (30-39) 1:29:12

Sep 12/09
West side wheel up (6th)

Aug 29/09
XC Fromme Summitt trail

Aug 25/09
4 new boulder problems Pennywise Left

Aug 22/10
BC cup finals-Kamloops-6th
7th overall for the BC cup standings

Aug 20/10
Chief (15) Squamish Buttress(6th)

Aug 9/09
Seymour Hill climb(2)-41:07

Aug 09
BC Cup Washington-7th

July 28/09

July 26/09

July 26/09
BC cup-Mission

July 19/09
BC Cup Whislter (8th)

July 17/09
Comfortably Numb(5)

July 12/09
Lake Padden 12th overall 1st 30-39

July 4/09
8 hours of Indenpendence 4th

July 1/10
3680 km for the year

June 28/09
BC Championships-8th

June 20/09
Test of Metal(12th overall) 2:46:55

June 19/09
Baker 14th

May 28,29-Mcbride Traverse 41:08 hours

May 17/09
Mt Hozomeen NE Face(FIRST DESCENT 2nd)
May 17 Orcrusher (5th)

May 9/09
BC cup Roberts Creek 18th

May 1/09
Trifecta-Carr East Face.Parapet East face,Isocelet NE face(FIRST DESCENT 3rd)

April 27/09
Deception Peak(2)

April 26/09
Trifecta-Deception Peak(1),Sphinx(1),Mt.Price(1)

Carr East Face-Possible FIRST,Castle Towers

April 18/09
Forbidden Tour-1 day FIRST Candadians 16.40.46

April 8/09
Spearhead Traverse(18)

April 9/09
Shipyards Pinner Chute-Possibly first

April 4/09
Crown Mtn-NE Face(FIRST DESCENT 4th)

March 28/09
Alpental Rando-1st

March 14/09
Big Mountain Battle hillclimb-1st

March 7/09
Fernie Rando-5th

Feb 28/09
Crystal Rando 4th

Feb 21/09
Spearhead Traverse 17th

Feb 7/09
Sunshine Rando 6th

Jan 5/09
Skied Old Buck


Oct 26/09
6 hour enduro Squamish -2nd

Oct 10/08
Camel crown enchainment 4hours34 min

Oct 6/08
Angels Stairway in Winthrop

Oct 5/08
Winthrop XC-3rd overall

Sep 28/08
Parksville Marathon First place in elite

Sep 20/08
Cheakamus Challenge 6th overall

Sep 15/08
North Twin Sister

Sep 7/08
Baker hill climb

Sep 1/08
Baker 10th

Aug 25/08
Black Tusk(2nd)

Aug 14/08
Seymour to Crown by bike

Aug 10/08
Seymour Hill climb 20th 42 in 9sec

Aug 3/08
Baker 9th

July 30/08
Alpe de shore-15020 feet of climbing

July 26/08
Gear Jammer 16th overall 2:48

July 16/08
Tour de Gastown 8 laps against Tour de France Racers

July 11/08
Mt.Saint Helens

June 5/08
Triple Crown Victory

July 1
5227 km of riding

June 25/08
Peak 8700-Downton Creek

June 12/08
12 hours of Cumberland

June 19/08
Sundog NW to North Face

June 16/08
Baker 8th

June 14th
Test of Metal -12th elite

June 4/08
Mt.Royane-NW Chute

June 7/08
BC Cup Surrey 11th

May 31/08
Rat Race

May 24/08
Fromme-A-thon First Place Victory

May 8/08
Mt.Bishop SE chute (First Descent 5th)

May 6/08
Hanes Valley NW chute(FIrst DESCENT 6th)

May 5/08
Mt.Elsay SE Chute(FIRST DESCENT 7th)

Apr 26/08
Spearhead Traverse 16th

April 19/08
National ski mountaineering champion

Apr 3/08
Spearhead 15th Mt Iago(1) North Face,

Mar 31/08
Alpental victory

March 24/08
Short course,vertical,long course

Feb 2/08
Sunshine Rando-4th

Jan 24/08
Spearhead plus 3 peaks Iago(1).Fitzsimmons1(1),whirlwind


Oct 8
Baker 6th

Sep 22
Cheakamus 6th 3:35

Sep 19
Baker 5th

Sep 13
Mt.Stuart North Ridge

Baker Hill Climb 1:29:35

July 21
National XC mountain championships 20th overall

July 15
Gear Jammer 7th elite

May 30
East Face Chute St Elias Base Camp )FIRST DESCENT 8th)

May 28 South Shoulder Kings Peak-Plummets of Canada(FIRST DESCENT 9th)

Apr 20
Vertical National Champion

Apr 21
Nationals 2nd popped shoulder

Apr 26
North American Championshops 14th overall

Alpental 2nd 1hour 30min

Crystal 2nd

freeride blitz 2nd

Feb 24
Nelson Rando 2nd
Feb 23
sprint 3rd

Feb 10
Spearhead Traverse 11th

Jan 3
Sunshine Rando 3rd

Various Dates

Apr 05
Runner Peak West Face (FIRST DESCENT 10th)

May 1/01
Mt.Chris Spencer (FIRST DESCENT 11th)
Waddington Range

April 3/08
West chute from sw gully of 2nd(FIRST DESCENT 12th)

NOv 27/03
Mt.Seymour between 2nd and 3rd NE face(FIRST DESCENT 13th)

April 2/04
Mt.Burwell SW couloir(FIRST DESCENT 14th)

April 1/99
Crown Mountain-East Face (FIRST DESCENT 15th)

May 28,29/00
Wedge to Currie Ski Traverse first one day traverse.

Monday, June 7, 2010

North Shore Bike Fest 10-Marathon

North Shore Bike Fest 10-Marathon

June 4/10


10th place

16th Overall

Time: 2:06:53

16 Elite Men 02:06:53 Traslin, Andy Steed Cycles North Van

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Nimby 50 Mountain bike race

Nimby 50 Mountain bike race
May 29/10