Sunday, August 30, 2009

Fromme Ride

Epic ride from the Fromme with Mike,Dave Norona,Brent Martin.Then
I went later on to ride the B trail (4th).Then some boulder scrubbing.

New Line….

Alpine Riding on the North Shore

Jet Engine

Alpine Riding on the North Shore

Dave Babych takes down Wade and Mike T

Dave Babych takes down Wade and Mike T

Saturday, August 29, 2009

Fromme Ride


Wade Simmons beaten up by Dave Babych


Double Crown-Mooses Loose/Brothers Creek

Cleaned the Mooses Loose for the third time,wasn't that into the climb, took the jump bypass out of the way this way.Then traversed over to brothers creek,one dab.Nice and flowy.Finished on Cleveland dam trail to lions gate bridge trail. 5000 foot day.


New route activity from the Spicoli brothers.I actually cleaned and climbed these a couple of years ago.But I re found them and realized there is a few to hit.


First boulder to the left:

*Wanker: V0- Sep 08
Climb jugs straight up.

*NHL #9 V0- Sep 08
Layback the bulge, mantel on the ledge up and over.

*08 National ski mountaineering champ V0- Sep 08
High step ledge then climb through the cracks.

*Spicoli Brothers V0+
High step pull on crack to gain face.

More to come:

On the upper boulder there is a arĂȘte and a crack going at V0/1 to be called Go Huck Yourself and Huck your carcass.

BC Cup Overall 2009

Battled out in the BC Cup this season with my best 5 out of 7 races.I ended up racing 6 races.With an 8th place at the BC Championships.
My best result was a 6th place at the BC Cup finals.I raced steady this season but just didn't have the leg speed, due to climbing or
skiing a few days before the event.

Just finished riding the BC Cup series, not my specialty I still like enjoy the longer races and point to point races as apposed to circuit.But it was a fun and good challenge trying to push yourself for around two hours.The Giant Anthem X2 was solid this year, The bike was awesome, the best XC bike I've ridden.I finished 6th in the BC Cup finals in the Pro/elite category.That was good for 7th overall in the series.I will still hit a few more mountain bike races through September and October.I have a few photos from some of the BC Cup races.


Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Squamish Buttress

August 19/09

Andy Cairns, me/ dur 7:20/ 15th chief climb/ 5th Squamish Buttress.

Great to get on the rock again, so hang dogging as usual. Climb a route climbers left of the bottom line. 5.9/5.10 slabby gnarl with skecthy moss traverse/I led the5.4 top of Banana Peel to the ledge.5.6 x3 off the ledge to above Broom stickcrack.Fun to go back to the start for broomstick and then go straight up.Then finish up the usual Buttress connection. 5.9/5.9/5.10c/I led the 4th class airy traverse.

XC Singing Pass to Peak Chair

Finally did this ride I've been wanting to do for years.Started up from the bike park.Rode up singing pass nice singletrack,some hiking sections.Probably better just to ride up to the Russet Lake hut and ride back down the pass.But I went up and over
musical bumps.Spectacular views few hike a bikes up and over to the peak chair.
Dsc Kybers quite rutted out.I was riding my xc bike like a dh bike.Doesn't work so
well,ripped my derailer off,Had to take the chain off and coast down the rode.Smoked
a big rock on my frame and then flated.Rode Tunnel Vision off the road.Took the bus
back to the village.

5600 asc dur 5 hours. August 18/09

Monday, August 17, 2009

Grouse Peak-Jet Engine

August 15/09

Climbed up but took the turn off to Bitches Brew
ended up hiking and bushwacking all the way to the bottom of cut.Climbed back
to the top of Peak Chair.Descended jet engine for the 3rd time this season.
After working the night shift a few hours sleep.Trail a little slick today,
used the adjustable seat post for the first time.

Whistler XC-Crankworx

August 14/09

Rode Whip me snip me.River Runs through it.Rick's Roost.Some great
trails in this area.Watched Crankworx some undbelievable stunts.
Make sure to view from the top and you can avoid all the crowds.

Two Rides Two Countries

August 13/09

Rode in Sumas some fast and flowy trails.XC buffed not as rugged
as North Shore.

Directions:off Mission Hwy then Bat road.

Mt.Galbraith Mtn.
Fast and flowy trails outside of Bellingham.
Take the gravel road up then take singletrack on the way down.
Beside Lake Padden.Missed the rain for both rides.Pulled over at the
border 5000 feet of climbing.

Elfin Lakes-XC

August 12/09 (2nd)

Rode up the from the bottom with Mike.Classic climb for 5000 feet
up into the alpine.

Elfin Lake Alpine MTB Aug 12

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700,000 feet of climbing

Reached the 700,000 foot mark on Dec 11/09.
Did a 100,000 feet in one month.

Sunday, August 9, 2009

Mt Seymour Hill Climb-time 41:07

2nd time doing the hill climb.Got my fastest time.Tried coffee
for the race, seem to help me.Started slow but got in a
groove and started to wind people down, but got in the wrong
group and ended up doing too much pulling.Put the hammer down with
2km to go like Lance said.Giver hard on the steep section
so it's harder to draft.Need to get with the faster group and
hang on a wheel as long as possible.Nice overcast day for racing.

Sunday, August 2, 2009

Still Skiing-July skiing Boulder Glacier

Boulder Glacier
Mt. Baker turns all year.

Still Skiing

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