Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Urban Warfare-Brothers Creek

Sep 30/09

Dialed the Urban Warfare(2)in the wet conditions.Bonked on the road back to the lookout.Rode Brothers Creek L(1).Also wet and slick nice linkup.A little too much road riding from home.

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Upper Bithches Brew-Dream Weaver

Sep 28/09

Started raining hard on the way up.BB is shot but an awesome Fromme link up.Put on the 2.25 tires help for technical.


Sep 27/09

Rode with Mike and hit the Excelerator trail,fast and flowy up and down mini Comfrotably Numb traverse over Autobahn.Locals took us up for another loop.Loose on the south side then rode recleaned Buttafuco.Fun area short loops 20 min climb.


Sep 26/09

Rode with Mike we climbed to the Knob Gobbler and were guided down fast and flowy ride then down Noahs Fear and finish on WC downhill.Local cool people showing you the way.

Cypress-Urban Warfare

Sep 25/09

Rode with Dre,Mike,Dean.Dean took us on an epic Cypress Link up after climbing to the top of the mountain via BLT and descending Reaper then hitting side trails from there.Finish up road then over British Properties bypass.Once a year epic ride it I can find again.Keep looking for turnoffs.

Burke Mtn-Triple Crown

Sep 24/09

Nice and flowy riding,did a three laps lower down then hit Triple Crown to Slayer.
Steep climb up here but a little loose.

Angels Crest-(3)-16th Chief

Sep 23/09

Climbed Angels Crest(3) 16th up the Chief with Andy Cairns.Took a new start at
5.10a,5.9 some face climbing.Slowed down by Korean group ahead.Led a few of the moderate pitches.Korean group had to bivy that day.Always get nervous on this one
huge exposure for the last two pithces, amazing climb.Ultimate to lead this one.

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Cheakamus Challenge 09

Cheakamus Challenge Sep 20/09

I was entering my sixth Cheakamus Challenge fall classic.A great end of the year race, minimum of 3 to 4 hours.There is surprisingly a fair bit of road riding.So I think the first part is survival on wide gravel road where people battle from the front and sides to get in front.Trying to be ahead for that first climb up the canyon.I popped my chain ,but was able to sprint up the slick rock.Further
up the climb I flipped over on the slick descent.Not having a very good luck so far.Riders are trying to be first out of the canyon and win the prime.Made famous by the late Lumpy Leidal.This guy was famous for going so hard from the start he would make top pros explode.From the canyon I got on a wheel and we worked and I got pulled to the lead group.From here the pace eased up and I was even able to lead for a bit.But I was trying to figure if I was going too hard.Like Lumpy used to say.Dude you gotta go as hard as you can till you get sick.So I hung in there,Neil flatted so we were down to three half way through the race.But as soon as we hit the steep climb Marty dropped me.I battled but I got caught and was in fourth.I stayed on his wheel.I was losing some distance.I had been 6th the past two years in a row.My brother said I had to get the podium to at least match what he did over 15 years ago in the same race, when they used to get a thousand racers. I definitely didn't want to be fourth or get lost, many racers had gotten lost over the yearsI think one year Roland Green, former World Champion was attacked by some land owner, and even climbed an extra half an hour.Thelast road climb I started making time on Kelly, I caught him near the top and dropped into the last single-track downhill to Dusty's and stoked to be on the podium in 3rd place.


http://www.worca.com/ Race results from Cheakamus and West side Wheel up.

Friday, September 18, 2009

Mt. Baker Hillclimb

Mt. Baker Hill climb Sep 13/09

Bluebird skies for the start of the race.This is a mass start event, two years ago I got to hammer beside the legend Ned Overend on this hill climb, still dropping everyone at 50 years old.Thanks to Giant, I was able to borrow a demo bike. TCR Advanced SL, probably the nicest bike I've ever ridden full Durace, carbon everything.This bike is so light it's iridous.I timed myself on a corner and I reached speed of 65 km/h,just leaner in and you feel like your are carving, it so responsive.The first section is a few small climbs and flats leading up
to the main part.Once you hit that part, you know you are going to be in a world of hurt, just sit on a wheel and try to hold on as long as you can.Getting up mid way amazing views of Mt.Shuksan, a time to ponder the attempt of a ski on the North Face, but we got turned around due to avalanche assessment.Once you get to the start of the chairlifts you don't have to far to go but it gets steeper.but more exciting with the switchbacks.I seem to be with Dave from Steed for most of the climb.We we're coming up to one of the last corners.I tried a little sprint and got ahead.I could hear him breathing and I looked down to the right in the valley, the blueberry chutes.I thought of the size 2 slab avalanche I was in last December while enjoying epic powder skiing, lucky not to be hurt, and my brother Mike even found my skis at the bottom of the debris.I took one more sprint to the top of the climb and rolled in for 10th place overall.

Westside Wheelup

Sep 12/09

Short ripper xc race on technical trails.Went out super hard and slowly got passed by the locals on the rough sections.Slipping and sketchy on the River Runs Through it.Wrong gear all the time.Route;Follow the old miller creek road and climb up Cardiac Hill to the access to Lower Sproatt. Piece of Cake and A La Mode food alternative to climb of the past.Slightly down to the Beaver Pond Trail that comes out to the Stonebridge road.Short pedal up to the entrance of Upper Beaver Pass,follow until the Whip me Snip me climb.Head ver to the bridge Over Rainbow creek
and follow the winding riverside trail down to the short climb that joins with Bob's Rebob.After Rebob heading back to get over it, a new trial that connects with Mels Dilema.Cross onto Emerald Forest section over to Rivers Runs Through it to Rainbow Park. 6h place

Monday, September 7, 2009

Squamish Riding

Sep 7/09

Mike and I climbed up to the top of 19th hole.Rode Upper Power Smart.Middle Power
Smart, then over to Angry Midget, flowy singletrack.

Fromme Mtn

Climbed up to do the F trail (2).Ran into Wade Simmons,We climbed up, I had to be at work.Mike,me.Rode right to the entrance of*Pergynt to top of Bithces Brew.Ride the, trail that eventually connects with Dream Weaver.