Sunday, October 21, 2012

2012 Publications

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Blackcomb Rendez Vous Ski poster

                                            Blackcomb Rendez Vous Ski Poster

                           Photo courtesy of Mike Traslin. Nov 12. Early ski mission to Blackcomb glacier.

      Ski posters are reserved for Scott Schmidt, Shane Mckonkey, Seth Morrison.
      I'll take it where I can get it.

First Cover a magazine

First Cover of a Magazine
January/February 2012-Volume 10-No.1

                      Photo Jason Hummel: Coleman Headwall Mt. Baker

Published Material



                                                     Bottom of Whistler

Pose down
Ryders: Whistler chalet and base small photo glasses case

Checking out the ad in Squamish 7/11
Living the dream. Show me the money!

                                              Intuition ad Backcountry mag 2011

Blackcomb Rendez Vous ski poster
March 2012-Reserved for Schmidt,Mckonkey,Morrison.
I will take it.

Posing with the poster

Backcountry mag sleeve Nov 2011
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