Saturday, August 29, 2009

BC Cup Overall 2009

Battled out in the BC Cup this season with my best 5 out of 7 races.I ended up racing 6 races.With an 8th place at the BC Championships.
My best result was a 6th place at the BC Cup finals.I raced steady this season but just didn't have the leg speed, due to climbing or
skiing a few days before the event.

Just finished riding the BC Cup series, not my specialty I still like enjoy the longer races and point to point races as apposed to circuit.But it was a fun and good challenge trying to push yourself for around two hours.The Giant Anthem X2 was solid this year, The bike was awesome, the best XC bike I've ridden.I finished 6th in the BC Cup finals in the Pro/elite category.That was good for 7th overall in the series.I will still hit a few more mountain bike races through September and October.I have a few photos from some of the BC Cup races.


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