Wednesday, August 19, 2009

XC Singing Pass to Peak Chair

Finally did this ride I've been wanting to do for years.Started up from the bike park.Rode up singing pass nice singletrack,some hiking sections.Probably better just to ride up to the Russet Lake hut and ride back down the pass.But I went up and over
musical bumps.Spectacular views few hike a bikes up and over to the peak chair.
Dsc Kybers quite rutted out.I was riding my xc bike like a dh bike.Doesn't work so
well,ripped my derailer off,Had to take the chain off and coast down the rode.Smoked
a big rock on my frame and then flated.Rode Tunnel Vision off the road.Took the bus
back to the village.

5600 asc dur 5 hours. August 18/09

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