Friday, September 18, 2009

Mt. Baker Hillclimb

Mt. Baker Hill climb Sep 13/09

Bluebird skies for the start of the race.This is a mass start event, two years ago I got to hammer beside the legend Ned Overend on this hill climb, still dropping everyone at 50 years old.Thanks to Giant, I was able to borrow a demo bike. TCR Advanced SL, probably the nicest bike I've ever ridden full Durace, carbon everything.This bike is so light it's iridous.I timed myself on a corner and I reached speed of 65 km/h,just leaner in and you feel like your are carving, it so responsive.The first section is a few small climbs and flats leading up
to the main part.Once you hit that part, you know you are going to be in a world of hurt, just sit on a wheel and try to hold on as long as you can.Getting up mid way amazing views of Mt.Shuksan, a time to ponder the attempt of a ski on the North Face, but we got turned around due to avalanche assessment.Once you get to the start of the chairlifts you don't have to far to go but it gets steeper.but more exciting with the switchbacks.I seem to be with Dave from Steed for most of the climb.We we're coming up to one of the last corners.I tried a little sprint and got ahead.I could hear him breathing and I looked down to the right in the valley, the blueberry chutes.I thought of the size 2 slab avalanche I was in last December while enjoying epic powder skiing, lucky not to be hurt, and my brother Mike even found my skis at the bottom of the debris.I took one more sprint to the top of the climb and rolled in for 10th place overall.

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