Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Brookings to Eureka-Day 6

Brookings to Eureka-Day 7
OCtober 11/09
Asc 4820 feet
Dur 7:04
Dis 115.58 miles/186km

Entered Northern California, camped at a state campground.it's $4 and you get a fricken shower,the girls told the dummy I am about that one.I actually got in late and left early and didn'nt have to pay.Soon told me it was flat.Cold morning to start the ride, but I hit one of the longer climbs overdressed.So the small Mcconkey sticker on the back of the truck as it rode by,assumed it was a film tour.Some nice coast views and back into the forest.Caught Jackie on the climb up the hwy she took me a nice route bike route through the Redwood forest.Rode with the rest of the crew on the hwy, five of us hammering in the tailwind.A couple base jumpers on the crew and some pro free skiers.I kept rolling into Eureka, got denied all you can eat chinese food for $10 so I stayed at a hotel.

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