Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Carslbad to Tijuana Day 17/25 End of the road

Carslbad to Tijuana Day 17/25
OCtober 29/09
65 miles
Asc 900 feet

Journey complete Rode a chilly morning.Through Encinitas and nice beaches into San Diego hostel.Dropped the green pig.Baked goods and Corona Ya Dogie! Didn't check my passport, I didn't even know I was in Mexico.Chilled in Tijuaina.Gangsters serving beer at the bar. 6:00 pm time to get the fuck out of here.Took photo at the border.
Not a good idea.Took train back to the town and had few beers at the hostel.Puked at night from too much beer and pizza."If you start something you might as well finish it otherwise what is the point."

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