Wednesday, November 18, 2009

San Diego Day 26,27,28.

Day 26 Cruising around San Diego then over to the airport.OVer to the beaches.

Day 27 Cruising the beaches and nude beach.Eating ice cream,sleeping and slurpees.

Day 28 Cruising the beaches eating and sleeping,swimming,sacking much needed.

Day 29 Rode to the airport.Short flight to San Francisco.Then flight to Seattle.Bus ride back to Vancouver.Sebus to North Van.Bus to VSy and the gnarly bitter night shift and one shift sucker.Then enjoy the rain and not the sun.That's life enjoy it while you can we all have to work eventually.

Stats:18 days to ride from North Vancouver to Tijuaina.
29 days for total trip.
1754 miles/2823 km
63460 feet of climbing
Longest day 151.42 miles/243 km
10 100 mile days
8 5000 foot climbing days

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